Arriving in Lima, Peru


Having arrived in Lima at 1 am, I slept in, skipping breakfast in hopes of an espresso. I spent the afternoon wandering in Miraflores and in Kennedy Park, where locals gather to shop at Sunday art market, listen to music, eat food cart goodies and play with the wild cats.


John F. Kennedy Park

Music in the park




I heard no English. People stop me and ask where I’m from. Obviously, I do not appear Latina. Very sweet. Oddly, everyone I spoke with knew exactly where Seattle is, unlike people I’ve met on European trips. I saw no homeless, although this is a nicer part of town. Sipped a great coffee with apple cake, prepared for class and went on-line for the Seahawks score. Ugh. Big downer. Back at Anna’s I settled into my room, had dinner of chicken, rice and potatoes (seems a custom to have double starches)and purple murada, a national sweet drink. No alcohol allowed in homestays.

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