Here’s my bedroom in Miraflores. Have my own bath also. Three other students here also in this large apt. Three men: one each from China, Taiwan and Tuscan, AZ. Anna Maria is “mother”, a woman who managed hotels and now houses students. Diego, her husband, works as an architect/professor who has published a book about his specialty, valuation. Next week he speaks at a conference in the Dominican Republic. We all communicate only in Spanish. Ana has been to Chicago and wanted to know if Seattle was as windy. I assured her we got our share. She loved Millennium Park and the Bean. She talks non-stop and “muy rapido.” I get the gist but not all. The man from China doesn’t speak, he just shovels in food and escapes to his room. Tony, a delightful Taiwanese student stopped here for a month in the midst of a world travel gap year. Paul, from Tuscan, Arizona went first to a school in Guatemala, making him more fluent than I.

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